Pineapple Bourbon Glazed Ham on Pellet Grill

Pineapple and ham together have been a classic combination and has quite quickly transformed into one of the many hot favorite recipes. To spice the recipe up a tad, you may consider bringing in a grill(a pellet grill in this recipe). When all these things are blended together, an appalling outcome is a scrumptious dish that soothes all of your senses. We will go on an elaborate journey through the recipe and underscore even the trivial aspects of glazing ham with a pineapple. So, let us go on and see how this recipe fares on the cooking front.

The time required

Like any non vegetarian delicacy, Pineapple Bourbon Glazed Ham (Recipe on DoleSunshine) may evoke an opinion that it takes in a lot of efforts and time. But that is untrue. This recipe can be pulled off in a rather simpler manner with a minimal amount of time. It would not take more than an hour to pull off a near perfect Pineapple Bourbon Glazed Ham; although, the time may vary from grill to grill. Depending on the quality of the pellet grill you’re using the time required could vary, so it is suggested to buy a Camp Chef or just choose from the top grills on the market using this detailed guide on Solid Gold Eats-


The ingredients required

There is a little package that might see you rushing to the nearest grocery and poultry stores to ensure a proper dish. Here is that little package:

  • Convince a butcher over the counter to slice about half inch thick ham steaks. For this recipe, you would require 4 of them.
  • 2 tablespoons of pineapple juice
  • 2 tablespoons of whiskey or bourbon
  • A quarter cup full of brown sugar
  • About 2 tablespoons of butter
  • Pineapple freshly cut out into 4 rings
  • A substantial amount of black pepper, freshly cracked

Do bear in mind that ham, pineapple, and bourbon are the main ingredients of this recipe and so should not be fiddled with. Once your kitchen shelf has acquired this acumen, you may go on and further with the cooking procedure.

The cooking procedure

Let us divide the procedure into little steps to help you throughout the cooking process. Here are those steps:

  1. In a little saucepan, blend together pepper, salt, pineapple juice, bourbon, brown sugar, and butter.
  2. Chuck this mixture on a flame and allow it to boil over.
  3. Then take it off from the heat. This is your glaze.
  4. Now move over to your pellet grill and keep it well stocked.
  5. Fire up the grill and let it heat for a few minutes on medium flame.
  6. Use some extra oil for oiling the grates of the grill.
  7. Transfer the pineapple rings and the ham slices on to the grill.
  8. Give about 3-4 minutes for each side on the grill. You should carry on grilling until grill like the ones you can find on  marks start appearing on both pineapple and ham.
  9. Now take off pineapple from the grill.
  10. Use the glaze to properly dab the ham.
  11. Let the ham spend some more time on the grill, preferably give about 1-2 minutes to each side.
  12. Once done, serve with pineapple rings placed over the ham slices.

Here is your favorite classic recipe. It is, in fact, pointless to wait for more. Just get it over with!

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