Texas Beef Ribs


Everything gets stepped up and huge in Texas and so does food. Texas Beef Ribs is one such recipe coming in all the way from Texas. It is tender. It is delicious. You will end up licking your fingers after having binged on it. It has a seemingly little amount of seasoning and goes slow on the grill. It is certainly loaded with nutrients and goes down well with an invariably perfect taste. We have spent much time in asserting the goodness of this recipe. Now let us see how well it goes on the grill you have.

The time required

The recipe involves beef and that is the cue that it is going to require a pretty long time on the grill as well as keeping you involved during the process of preparing the dish. On paper, the recipe necessitates that you give 12-15 hours to it at the least. So be prepared to spend some time keeping an eye on the grill. But rest assured that the final product would satiate your hunger.

The ingredients required

Here is a bunch of things you would require in order to pull off nearly perfect beef ribs from Texas:

  1. A rack of short ribs of beef(would make up to about 3-5 pounds)
  2. Some vinegar
  3. Some water in a spray bottle
  4. About half a cup of pre-made beef rub
  5. A tablespoon of hot sauce

Premade rub and hot sauce make the recipe easier by cutting out some steps. With these ingredients ready, you make look forward to the cooking process.


The cooking procedure

This procedure would require you to be patient as the waiting time may seem lengthy. Grab yourself a book or something to keep lethargy at bay.

Here is a step by step guide to bringing about Texas styled beef ribs:

  1. Fire up your smoker and ensure that your water pan is not empty.
  2. Preheat the smoker to a temperature of about 285 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. The beef rub consists of equal parts of kosher salt and black pepper that has been ground.
  4. Use hot sauce to lightly dab the ribs.
  5. Apply the beef rub.
  6. Transfer them to the grill and smoke with its meat side facing upward.
  7. Smoke for about 9 hours.
  8. During the last few hours, use the water spray on the meat.
  9. You may check if they are done or not by poking. Ideally, at the temperature reading of about 203 degrees F on an inserted thermometer indicates that the ribs are done.
  10. When this achieved, you may go on to serve the ribs.

Hence, the Texas style beef ribs have been brought about using a pretty simple procedure. This is the best of Texas and has been brought right to your plate with the help of this recipe. We recommend that waiting is not quite the right thing to do at this moment. Just hold a step out and go for it!

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